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Please see the samples files to get an indication of what is included for each specific subject. Whilst every subject is different, these typically contain some combination of the below:

- Detailed notes

- Summary notes

- Past exam papers (where applicable)

- Past quizzes; (where applicable)

- Multiple choice questions & answers

- Templates & resources

- Other notes & resources (subject specific - e.g. journals for financial reporting or reconciliation template for tax).


Note this is a separate product to our online courses. We recommend enrolling to our online courses to receive a comprehensive learning experience. Online courses have pre-recorded videos explaining each chapter and topic in detail so its easy to understand some of the complex issues. Plus you can learn on the go, whilst at work, whilst cooking, driving or on the train. Exam Prep Courses also have videos explaining past exam papers and/or multiple choice questions (there is also a multiple choice question quiz application for each subject). Exam Prep Courses are like hiring a tutor for a fraction of the price (1-2 hours cost for 20-40 hours of content.


Notes pack downloads are more of a self-study tool, i.e. you get a pack of all the documents you need to avoid having to read the text book (i.e. high quality summary notes), as well as past exam papers and answers to practice (where applicable), multiple choice questions to test yourself on and prepare for the exam, as well as subject specific templates and resources which will make the exam much easier (for example journal templates all written out by subject so you don't need to memorise them).


Note all pricing on our website is in USD as we sell to multiple countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Samoa and more.


10. Strategy & Performance (S&P) (New)

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