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- Notes for the new CAANZ elective program Financial Modelling.

- Extra materials also provided which have hundreds of tips and lessons in Excel to succeed in your career post CA ANZ. See below.


Extra materials:

If you want to succeed in an accounting or finance career, you will need to be a master at Microsoft Excel.


This digital file contains over 70 weeks of the best tips & tricks, functions, formulas, shortcuts and general theory to make you into an expert. Some of the topics covered include:


Basic functions:

- Viewing in 2 windows

- Autofill

- Remove duplicates

- Creating dynamic workpapers with drop-down boxes

- Custom sort

- Grouping

- Freezing cells

& much more


Intermediate functions

- Index match, sumif, vlookup, countif etc.

- Pivot tables

- Fill blanks

- Min & Max

- Workbook links

- Offset

- Drop-down & if combinations

- Creating excellent charts & tables.

& much more


Advanced functions:

- Text to columns

- Named Ranges

- Flags

- Pivot Slicers

- Formula auditing

- Excel Presentation

- Legend & model formatting

- Navigation Pages

- Subsitution

& much more


We also sell Excel video training courses seperately at

11. Financial Modelling & Excel (Elective)

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