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5 Benefits Of Merit Training's CA Exam Prep Courses

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Our CA online exam preparation courses are an online course which cover via a series of videos accessible the following items:

- Explanations of each chapter of the CAANZ CSG

- Walkthroughs of past CA / CAANZ exams

- Online practice quizzes.

In this article we will be discussing the benefits of undertaking a CA exam prep course on Merit Training's website for each of your CA/CAANZ modules:

1. Condensing extensive CSG information into the critical components

The CSG is a very long document - it goes into a lot of detail and not all of it is relevant for the CA exam. In our CA Exam Prep Courses, we cover the key important information that you need to know for your exam & don't waste time with unimportant or irrelevant information. This is particularly important given how short each term is and the fact most CA students are also balancing full time jobs, family and friend commitments.

2. We translate complex concepts into easy to understand explanations

Some chapters in the CSG are very difficult to truly understand, whether thats due to it being overly technical, something you don't deal with or have experience with in real life or the CSG hasn't explained the concept very well. Examples of complex CSG chapters include:

a) TAX - International taxation, trusts, consolidation, TOFA;

b) FIN - Financial instruments, business combinations, subsidiaries, equity accounting;

c) MAAF - Investment decisions, business valuation, ABC, business funding.

d) AAA - Substantive testing, Test of controls

In our Exam Prep Courses we explain every single chapter in the CSG using simple language, real life examples, worked example application and relatable explanations so that you understand all of these topics in granular detail.

3. An efficient way to absorb information

You can watch our videos at double speed to absorb information more quickly (important if you are studying <2 weeks before your exam!), you can skip over parts you already know or rewind and re-watch any topic you'd like to learn again in more detail! If you are a visual or aural learner you can absorb the information much more effectively. You can even reinforce what you are learning by reading at the same time you are listening to our videos for even more absorption and retention of information.

4. We fit into your busy schedule

We know CA students are busy, working full time jobs, managing family, friends and other personal relationships. There isn't a lot of time to study CA with all of this going on. You can listen to our videos whilst you are commuting, exercising, at the gym, cooking or even at work! This is compounded by the fact that you can watch our videos at 2x speed and we focus on the most important areas. This is the most time effective way to study your CAANZ module.

5. We explain past exams

At the end of the day, whether you pass your CA exam or not will come down to how well you do in the CA final exam. By watching our videos on how to answer and approach each question in past exams, including tips and tricks in order to maximize your marks, this will dramatically increase your chances of getting a pass or a merit in your exam, instead of a fail. Because many past exams repeat similar styles of questions and structures, if you learn the tips and tricks and how to quickly answer these questions, you will be much better placed than a student who is only focusing on the CSG or worked examples! See our article on the top 5 tips to pass your CA exam for more information on this.

Good luck for your exams! If you are interested in trying out our CA exam prep courses for free, you can do so at


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