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Detailed, current, summary Merit notes by subject


Template Files (e.g. journal templates / tax rec)


Many past final exam papers & quizzes


Slides, Notes & Other Subject Materials

2. Exam Prep Courses


Past Exam Walkthroughs & Tips


Full CSG Walkthrough - All Topics Explained


Online Quiz - Questions & Answers


Exam Preparation Advice


Frequently asked questions

Are these notes applicable to both Australia and NZ/other?

All modules except for tax are relevant / applicable for both Australia & New Zealand. For AU vs NZ TAX, there is some overlap and some differences. We are working on producing a seperate NZ TAXproducts. For all other subjects you can use the normal notes / exam prep courses.

How up to date are the CA notes?

We check each semester for any changes in syllabus and update the notes if there are. TAX module, for example, is updated every semester. We also continually update each file so you get the most comprehensive resources, past exams, notes and templates. You can feel confident that the resources and notes you are purchasing will be up to date for your module. Note, we don't always update the free sample notes on google drive., but we will always update the full products.

What is the difference between 1. 'CA Notes' and 2. 'Exam Prep Course'?

Product 1 (CA Notes) are downloadable ZIP files per subject. Within each module you will receive comprehensive and up to date notes & critical file, several years of past exam papers, past online quizzes, useful templates (e.g. for TAX you will get a tax rec template, for FIN you will get all standard journal templates etc), current CSG, useful / masterclass / other resources and files. For many students, these templates are the difference between a pass and a fail. Product 2 (Exam Prep courses) are an online video course for each subject. Within each prep course you will get i) CSG video walkthroughs, explaining every single topic in an easy to understand way ii) Past exam walkthroughs, showing you how to approach and answer past exam questions using the templates (provided), including tips to get a 100% mark.
iii) Online quiz help. Some of our students only purchase product 1, CA notes and this is enough for them, but we would recommend trying out our exam prep courses as students have found these videos to be very helpful in getting a much improved score in their final exam.

How do I receive my CA notes after purchasing them?

After purchase, you will receive an automated & immediate download link. You will be able to download all of our resources in a .zip file. This link will remain active for 1-2 months after purchase, so you can redownload again and always see the most up to date files.

I've purchased the discounted notes for all subjects package. Can i redownload the files later so i get the most up to date files?

Yes you can. If you have any issues with redownloading the files, please message us in the chat and we will resolve this for you ASAP.

Can I view free samples of the CA notes or the exam prep courses before I buy?

Yes you can, there are links to the free sample pages above. 1. Sample CA notes link 2. Sample CA exam prep courses link (note, these are limited extracts, please purchase full notes/courses to see all). If you have further questions about either course, please message us in the chat.

If I buy the CA Exam prep course, do I need to buy the CA notes to study or it will be included?

Product 1 ( CA Notes) and Product 2 (Exam Prep Courses) are two completely different products, so generally no, but there is a small amount of overlap. An example of overlap is that the exam prep course might have some files from the CA notes which were used in explaining a particular exam or CSG chapter CSG (e.g. an extract from the notes or a past exam used or a template file used whilst explaining how to score 100% in the exam).

Do you have any advice on how to pass the CA exam?

We have a free blog on our webstie which has article on tips & tricks + advice on how to pass the CA exam. You can view this here

What tips do you have for me to pass my CA exam?

We have a useful article for you on this topic which will help you. You can view this article here

Why should I purchase your CA online exam prep course or notes?

We have a useful article for you on this topic which will help you. You can view this article here

How does the new CA program affect the notes / exam prep course?

We have written an article about this here In short, if you have already signed up for the CA program, don't worry, you will continue to study the existing program and you can use all of our existing notes and courses. If you sign up for the CA program after May 2021, you will study the new CA program. We will be releasing notes and exam prep courses for the new subjects at the start of the 1st semester for anyone studying the new program.

Why is your currency in USD?

We changed to USD because we started selling in other countries outside of ANZ, where international transactions are conducted in USD. If you are concerned about cost differential please reach out to us n the chat.

How do I access the exam prep course after purchase?

Make sure you are logged in and have purchased the course first from the "Exam Prep Page". After purchase, you can access your course (whilst logged in) from the drop down menu. Simply hover your mouse over the "Exam Prep Courses" button. A drop down menu will appear after a few seconds, with a list of all CA subjects. Click on your subject. If you are not logged in, you will be taken to a log in screen (as only paid members can view the course), otherwise this will take you to your course where you can begin learning!